About Us

Based out of Palm Beach, home to some of the worlds most exotic cars, Turn 7 Autosports offers the sports car enthusiast an exhilarating, unrivaled driving experience in cars once only available to the rich and famous. Choose to be whipped around by a renowned professional driver who will take the car to the edge of its abitilites or take your own turn at the wheel and feel what massive horsepower can do for your mood! Cars include Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini among others! 

Whether you want to fuel the dreams of someone who loves cars, help get that bucket list checked off or simply do something you never dreamed possible, the Turn 7 Autosports Experience promises a breath taking ride that will be talked about for years!

The Experience

You no longer have to wonder what it's like to drive a supercar. From Ferraris to Lamborghinis, you choose the car you want to experience, choose whether you want to be the driver or simply sit "right seat" and experience the full potential of the automobile. Our professional drivers will go over the basics of the car with you and take you for a test run on our track. After that, you are in control of the experience! Some people just want to feel the rumble and sheer power under he hood while others want to feel the G force and white knuckle rush of driving on the edge. 

Take the experience as far as you'd like! Get lots of professional photos of you and your friends posing with our fleet, talk racing with our professional race car drivers, purchase driving experience souvenirs including t-shirts, hats,  lanyards!