General Questions

What are your Business Hours?
We can be reached at (561)-508-8989 Monday-Friday from 8:30AM-4:30PM. You can also reach us by submitting an online inquiry HERE
Are the Cars Automatic?
All of our cars are automatic. In order to provide the most favorable experience, all of the vehicles have an automatic transmission. This will allow faster, more accurate acceleration through corners and sprints.
Am I the Driver or Passenger?
If you purchased a Ride Along, you are a passenger. If you purchased a Driving Experience, you are the driver. An instructor will sit in the passenger seat for guidance, safety, and insurance purposes, but you will have complete control of the vehicle.
What is the minimum age to drive?
You must be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license.
Are Spectators allowed?
YES. Family and friends are more than welcome! Note: Access to see the course is limited due to safety regulations.
When do I choose the car I will drive?
Upon booking you will make your selection for the vehicle that you will drive.
What should I wear to the event?
Wear comfortable driving attire. Closed toe shoes are a MUST. Wear clothes that are not constricting yet dress to impress for pictures and videos.
How do Pictures and Video work?
You may purchase photos or video upon registering on the day of the event. Photos are of the driver outside the car, inside the car, etc. Video is in car, filming how the driver sees the course.
I forgot to enter my promotion code and did not receive my discount?
Please call (561)-508-8989 within 48 hours of booking and one of our agents will assist in correcting.(please note there is a $15 CC processing fee to correct this)

The Details

What time should I arrive for my event?
You should arrive at the event location 20 minutes prior to the time you scheduled on the registration page. This will give you plenty of time to chat with our staff, sign up, and get ready for the time of your life.
How long does the experience take?
Depending on how many laps, the entire time you will be at the location can be 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours.
How long is the track?
The event isn’t on a “track”. It is actually an autocross style course. This is set up with cones and geared for more agility driving.
Will I be driving on track?
No. You will be driving on a professionally designed autocross course. For more information on autocross please see the bottom of the page.


Are Dates Guaranteed?
All dates are subject to change. Occasionally situations will arise that will cause a date change. If a date should be changed we will notify all customers affected within 24 hrs or next business day. Replacement dates will be posted online ASAP.
Can I Reschedule?
Rescheduling is permitted if your selected date is 30 days or more away. Once you are within 30 days of your experience there is a $50 rescheduling fee to select a new date.
Can I transfer my registration to someone else? 
Yes as long as the other individual meets all the requirements of the program. We do ask that you make that change one week in advance of your original date.

What happens if it rains?

While the Exotics can run in light rain and wet conditions it will be at the discretion of the company and local event coordinators. We want to ensure a safe an enjoyable experience can be provided and sometimes the weather will not permit that to occur. In the event of a weather cancellation you will be given the option to reschedule at any location for any upcoming dates. You will be granted period of 12 months to reschedule your event. Refunds will not be available due to weather cancellations. For participants traveling long distances to attend our events we strongly suggest booking refundable or flexible travel arrangements. Turn 7 Autosports will not refund costs for travel or accommodation in the event of a cancellation or cancellation for any reason.

The Turn 7 Autosports team reserves the right to cancel any event due to inclement weather. Cancellations may be announced anywhere from 1 hour to 72 hours prior to the start of the event. Participants will be notified as soon as the event is cancelled by phone and/or email using the contact information on file. While Turn 7 will make every attempt to notify you about a cancellation, the final responsibility will fall on the customer to call and find out about an event status. If it is necessary to cancel an event due to safety concerns caused by inclement weather, we will do our best to accommodate your re-scheduling preferences up to 1 year from the date of your event. To check on the event weather status please visit our website and Facebook page for updates. 

Refund Policy

Your racing experience ticket is fully transferable, assignable and sell-able. The ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE and generally can not be refunded; however, exceptions may be available under the following circumstances:

1) Physician documented inablility to participate in a driving experience for a period of 1 year or more.
2) An event cancellation for any reason other than inclement weather.
3) If you are active military and your service prevents you from participating.
4) Death of the participant or immediate family member.
5) Cancellation of order within 24 hours or next business day. (please note the $4.75 booking fee is not refundable and a $15 CC processing fee will be applied)

All refund requests must be submitted HERE. You can also request a refund by mail to:

Turn 7 Autosports
800 Capital ST Suite E
Jupiter, FL 33458

All approved refund requests will be processed within 10 business days.
Turn 7 Autosports reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions at anytime.

What is Autocross?

AUTOCROSS is a form of motorsports that emphasizes safe competition and active participation. An autocross is a timed competition in which drivers navigate one at a time through a defined course on either a sealed or an unsealed surface. Autocross differs from road racing and oval racing in that generally there is only one car on the track, racing against the clock rather than other cars. As an entry-level motorsport it provides a stepping stone for drivers looking to move into other more competitive and possibly expensive forms of racing (such as rallying and circuit racing).
Autocross courses are typically one kilometer long and tend to place demands on car handling and driver skill rather than on engine power and outright speed. Courses may be temporary and marked by traffic cones or be permanent tracks with approval by a motorsport body.

Events typically have many classes that allow almost any vehicle, from economy sedans to purpose-built racing cars, to compete. Due to the nature of a typical track, speeds can be slower when compared to other forms of motorsports, usually not exceeding highway speeds, but the activity level (measured in discrete turns per minute) can be higher than even formula one due to the large number of elements packed into each course.